Current Obsession: Corsets

Here, how to wear the look and where to shop it.


The Simplest, Healthiest Thing You Can Do For Your Body

This one health tip has a wide array of health benefits...and it's so simple it's almost dumb not to do it. 


Hitting Refresh On The Slip Dress

I am still really loving the slip dress. It's ease, comfort, prettiness and versatility is second to none. But considering that the slip dress fully took over last Spring, and then continued it's reign with the slip layered over t-shirt look as the number one worn outfit of the season, I definitely needed a refreshing way to wear my collection of the popular and pretty dress.

army green street style, combat boots, monochromatic outfit

Weekly Action Alert- 2.13

Our very first Weekly Action Alert is all about getting to know yourself, those representing you, and what you feel most passionately about fighting for. Plus, sign one very important petition!


Evening For Day

You know all those great evening pieces you have tucked away in your closet that you are just waiting for the opportunity to wear? Go ahead and bring them out, because evening for day is officially a (super rad) thing. Here, how to rock your fancy pieces while the sun is still up.


Weekly Action Alerts

You all know how important my activism and charity is to me, and how strongly I believe in the importance of each of us doing our part to make our world a better place for everyone and everything living in. As Alice Walker put it, "activism is our rent for living on this planet".

We can not rely on others to to fight our fight. We must not sit on our hands and expect other people to stand up for the oppressed and the silenced, to speak up on behalf of those who have no voice, to fight for peace and to solve the problems we face in this world. We especially cannot rely on our government. We must get out there as individuals and do the work ourselves. And we should never fall into the trap of thinking that we, as individuals, don't make a difference or impact the bigger picture. It is the collective force of average people like you or I that produces the most power, the most change. After all, we are stronger together.

It's so important to get involved, stay active and make our voices heard, especially given our current political climate. I get a lot of emails with questions from people who want to do more, so I'm super excited to be starting a new series called WEEKLY ACTION ALERTS, where I will put together a few different ways each week to take action on important issues. I will highlight different organizations and charities, petitions to sign, important phone calls you can make, upcoming protests, and more!

Peace and love,


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How To Dress Like A Woman

President Donald Trump reportedly prefers his employees to stick to a specific dress code—including the request for his female employees to "dress like women". Here, some of the brilliant ways social media showcased what it means to #dresslikeawoman.


Gingham & Self Confidence

The only way to truly love anyone or anything else is by loving yourself first, and knowing you are beautiful, brilliant, worthy and talented in your own right is essential. But if this is as deeply as we look, I believe we will always come up empty handed in the end when it comes to confidence and self-love. 


All About Pink

2016 was the year of rich camel but 2017 has something with more of a punch in mind. This year, we are bidding adieu to retrained camel and opting for joyous, calming, more exciting shades of pink. Here, the surprising psychology of the color, plus all the street style inspo you need!


No Ban, No Wall

The gathering at airports around the nation the last couple of days in protest to the Muslim Ban have been nothing short of inspiring, and a clear message that the people will fight every attempt to instill hate in this country. The executive order Trump signed Friday suspended resettlement of Syrian refugees indefinitely, suspended all other refugee resettlement for 120 days, and banned the entry of nationals from predominately Muslim countries- Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen- for 90 days.

Trump's anti-Muslim policy is first and foremost unconstitutional. One of the principal beliefs of which our country was founded is that we have freedom of belief. The ban violates the first Amendment’s Establishment Clause, which prohibits the government from preferring or disfavoring any religion, as well as the Equal Protection Clause, the part of the Fourteenth Amendment that guarantees that everyone is entitled to equal protection under the law.     

Beyond being illegal, Trump's Muslim Ban is immoral and inhumane. He is turning away refugees- families, women and children- that have managed to survive a brutal civil war and are at risk of being killed. Closing our borders to anyone, let alone some of the most vulnerable people in the world is outrageous.

I am proud to live in a "sanctuary city" that does not crack under the pressure of Trump's bully pulpit, and instead protects the confidential records of undocumented immigrants and refuses to spend money on immigration enforcement or detain immigrants on behalf of ICE. 

I hope that other cities across the nation follow suit and that we can collectively refuse Trump's illegal and inhumane immigration policies, and instead opt for inclusiveness and respect for individual rights, and stand together to fight for our Muslim brothers and sisters and those that seek refuge from the horrors that face them at home. 

I have been hysterical the last couple of days over this brutal ban accompanied by those who were detained. But I continue to be so moved by how we have been banning together in such large numbers in resistance to hate and in support of those being attacked. As sad and as anxious as I find myself consistently these days, you all really act as a big shoulder to lean on, and proof that there is hope so long as we continue to fight. We are better than this, and we must continue to rise up and demand that our country lives up it's ideals, our individual ideals, of inclusiveness and equality for all. Refugees and immigrants are welcome here!

Thank you to the ACLU for your work in blocking this ban, to all the attorneys working pro bono to fight for those detained, and thank YOU for your continued activism. Stay loud!

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