10 Super Stylish Ways to Rock A Suit

Borrowing from the boys and rocking a suit is one of my favorite looks. Suits can be so effortless, cool and sexy when done right. And they are so versatile! They can be worn in so many different fabrics, textures, colors- then paired with shoes from loafers, pumps, sandals and even sneakers. 

1. Pick a suit jacket based on how it fits your shoulders. The hem, sleeve length and waist can be altered later.

Courtesy of The Style Lookbook

2. Wear a cropped pant. Just be sure it hits ankle length or above.

Courtesy of Elle.com  

                                                       Courtesy of Stylebyyellowbutton

3. Pair a suit with sneakers

Courtesy of Vogue

4. Wear an inverted version of the black tie suit. White feels much more modern
Courtesy of PopSugar

5. Add layers by adding another jacket on top

6. Wear a wide leg pant

                 Courtesy of le21eme.com

7. Wear an unexpected color or a print, or both!

Courtesy of Vogue

8. Wear a suit sans a shirt and do layered necklaces instead.

Courtesy of Vogue

9. Pair it with a fedora or floppy hat for a touch of coolness

Courtesy of TheFashionTag

10. Wear a suit that is not really a suit, but resembles a suit. 

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