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Enrou is an online marketplace that believes in standing up for the world we wish to see and to inspire change. Their mission is to partner with social enterprises to purchase products that empower people worldwide by providing them with economic opportunity. They support different causes such as education, entrepreneurship, youth, environment and women’s empowerment by purchasing products whose proceeds will go back into the community and to people around the world. What I really love about purchasing products through Enrou is that each and every product has a story behind it and behind the person or community that made it- and you can read the stories right online below every product.

Enrou "empowers individuals and communities around the world through the power of opportunity. We inspire individuals to reduce global poverty with every single purchase." 
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The pop up store featured Enrou’s selection of incredible products from around the world. I went to the event this time to support women around the world and shop, in particular, the brands that would provide women with opportunities to gain financial independence, learn valuable skills, and provide for their families in a more sustainable way. It was amazing to hear the captivating stories behind the products I purchased and the amazing women who made them.  

I bought a few things, one being this gorgeous woven basket, made by a woman named Faith from Nairobi. Faith is the founder of a community based organization, Kariokar Bead Weavers, which was formed to help community members who were suffering from hunger and malnutrition. Faith supports her two children plus six others from her village. 

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I couldn't resist these sweet LOVE pillows either. They were made by Manju, a migrant from Uttar Pradesh, was just five years old when she was forced into marriage. Now a mother of 3 children and still illiterate, Manju is determined to provide her children with a bright future. Her sense of strength and empowerment adds depth to each piece that she produces. Now working with rHope and Enrou, Manju no longer has to pick up scraps of grain left over from the harvest to feed her family. She now can provide food, shelter, and long-term stability to her family.

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