So There Are Eyebrow Extensions Now

Your dreams of having Brooke Shields' eyebrows are about to come true.

When it comes to coveting fuller brows we have plenty of options- pencils, gels, tints and powder for when you need to define and darken, even tattooing and implants in case you are in the mood for blowing your budget. But a new way to achieve fuller, thicker, darker brows in exactly 0 seconds in the morning has arrived: eyebrow extensions. Exactly like eyelash extension, but for your brows!

Eyebrow extensions have the same process as hair and eyelash extensions. Synthetic hairs are applied to your existing eyebrow hair (or even to your skin) using adhesive glue and tweezers. The hairs are placed in varying sizes and thickness in a pattern that looks most natural. The result? Thick, perfectly defined and shaped brows. 

Depending on how well your eyebrows "take" the hair and how you treat them, the extensions last 

2-3 weeks on average. Just stay away from oil-based products, which can break down the glue.

Eyebrow extensions are offered here in L.A. at only two salons that I know of- Nine Zero One on Melrose and Master Lush in Santa Monica. The process takes around 90 minutes and costs about $150. 

This photo is of Riawna Capri, co-founder and owner or Nine Zero One salon. You can clearly tell which eyebrow has the extension and which one does not. Amazing!

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