Badass Woman Of The Week: Sophie Thomas

Should 13 year old Sophie Thomas' "FEMINIST" T-shirt Have Been Censored? 

A 13 year old middle school student named Sophie went to school on class picture day wearing a T-shirt to school on class picture day which she she had handwritten the word “Feminist” on. When photos were released later, she was surprised to find that the school had altered the photo by erasing the word from her shirt. 

The school’s principal, Kendra Young, admitted that the t-shirt did not violate the school's policies or dress code, but rather that she had the word "feminist" removed so as to avoid any “unintended controversies.”  Sophie was outraged to say the least by this and took to Instagram and Twitter to protest the school’s decision, saying she deserved freedom of expression. She wrote on Instagram "Everyone participating in the protest will be wearing a shirt with a phrase like 'I deserve freedom of expression,' or 'Feminism isn't offensive,' or anything you think fits," 

This type of protest takes guts and a lot of courage for a 13 year old girl. I think it's safe to say that Sophie deserves the "Badass Woman Of The Week" award. 

You can support Sophie and her cause by posting a photo using the hashtag 
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