11 Ways To Style Your Button Up Shirt This Weekend

 Leave the bottom 3 or 4 buttons unbuttoned 

Wear a classic blue button up with vintage denim and an interesting hat

Layer your button up under a strapless crop top to add some dimension to a coordinated outfit

Wear a crisp button up to add some sophistication to loose fitted pants and sandals

Tie a sweater around your neck and let it drape off one shoulder to add a touch of prep

Let an oversized button up (maybe borrow from your boyfriend) drape off one shoulder for a touch of cool.

Tie a shirt dress at the waist for an instant upgrade

Wear an oversized button up over the skinniest pants your own and pair with a classic scrappy sandal

Wear it out over culottes to achieve interesting proportions

 Roll up the sleeves and tie your button up at the waist and pair with a great printed pencil skirt for the perfect spring weekend outfit

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