4 Maps That Show Inequalities Around The World

Is Completing Secondary Education Free?
Not in 40 countries—mostly in Africa and southern Asia. This poses a gender issue because “When cost is a barrier, girls are more likely to be kept out of schools than boys.”

Is Paid Leave Available For Both Parents?
The United States is one of only three countries on earth that don’t guarantee paid time off from work for either new moms or dads (the other two are Papua New Guinea and Suriname). Almost everywhere else on earth guarantees new mothers paid leave, but only 96 countries give dads the same right. “This legal inequality reinforces social norms that women are responsible for care and limits women’s  economic opportunities,” note the study’s authors.

Are Women Guaranteed The Right To Vote?
It seems like such an ancient battle, but there are still so many countries in  the world that do not guarantee women the right to vote.

Does The Constitution Guarantee Protection From Discrimination At Work?
Only in 64 countries. And according to the World Bank, only 40 countries legally bar gender discrimination in hiring and pay.

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