A Look Into My Home

I live in a one bedroom apartment is Los Angeles. When I moved in, it had a really good shell but needed some work. Over the past year I have painted, painted more, DIY'd and accumulated interesting pieces to make my apartment really feel like home. I am always changing my home around- painting and rearranging- in order to keep up with my moods. I am incredibly affected by my surroundings so I pay constant attention to every detail. Here is a look into my home right now. I'll let you know when it all changes :)

I painted the back wall, which stretches all the way through my apartment's main space, a matte black. The front wall is a Kelly green which I am really obsessed with right now. The fireplace and the coffee table were a DIY project. They were both wood to begin with and I ended up sanding and painting them.

Ive been collecting magazine for years for my magazine wall. Eventually the whole wall will be full!!

I made this ottoman out of an old dresser drawer which I painted black. I added white table legs and a shag fabric to the cushion. 

The headpiece on my glass head is from Africa. It is one of my favorite gifts ever.

The bar table was a DIY project as well. It was wood which I painted black and white to make it more modern. I love the shag blankets tossed over the dining chairs which give it a really retro feel.

Also a DIY project, I painted this wood desk a retro yellow color. I usually don't do any color but for whatever reason I was feeling the yellow.  The painted the metal legs of the stool to a white and recovered the cushion in a blue velvet and added a nailhead border.

My kitchen was rather boring and bland. I painted the back wall behind the sink to look like bricks. I really like the pattern mixed with the print of my kitchen rug. I added wood pieces because I like to juxtaposition with the stainless steel. 

I painted the vanity to be black and white to make the bathroom feel more modern. I accented this with a glossy black wall which is covered in colorful photos. 

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