All The Summer Braid Inspiration You Need

Summer is almost here which means it's time to get your braid on. From colorful fishtails to side braids to cornrows, braids were all over the Spring 2015 runways. Here are all the chicest braids you need to see, plus how to re-create them!

Low, Loose Braid
Michael Kors
To get this braid spray your hair with a texturizing spray, dry shampoo or a salt spray- which will give amazing texture as well as add the grip that you need in order to achieve the looseness of the braid.
 Loose Ponytail Braid. Starting at the bottom of your head, very loosely and imperfectly braid your hair, leaving a couple of inches out. Secure it with a clear elastic then gently pull the hair at the ends apart to raise the elastic. Use our fingers to pull the braid apart then gently pull out any short layers you have around your face.

  Half Up Braid
Take a section of hair from the center back of your head and loosely braid it, leaving 2-3 inches out at the ends. Grab a section of hair from both sides of your head, just above your ears, and create a loose braid on either side. Pull each braid back across the sides of your head, on top of the first braid you created in the back. Twist the two braids around each other to create a bun, securing it with bobby pins. 

Ribbon-Wrapped Braid
To avoid looking like you're 10 years old, double knot a piece of leather ribbon or black string at the bottom of your braid.

Fishtail Ponytail 
Pull your hair in to a low ponytail, fishtail braid 6 inches of so then secure it, leaving the ends out.

Four-Strand (chain) Braid
Donna Karen
This one is tricky. Check out the tutorial here

Cornrow Braid
Georgio Armani
French braid as many section as you want loosely toward your crown. Once all the sections are braided, pull the rest of your hair into a low, loose bun.


Marco de Vincenzo 

Marissa Webb


Amber Heard

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