Elle Australia Pays A Well Deserved Tribute To Mothers

The fashion industry has really upped their game when it comes to paying tribute to mothers everywhere. Back in March, Dolce & Gabbana honored moms by featuring expecting models with baby bumps and mother-and-child pairings who walked hand-in-hand in coordinating floral dresses for their Fall 2015 show and last summer Glamour ran an editorial that featured an image of Olivia Wilde feeding her son, Otis. 

This month, Elle Australia has put an image of new mom and model Nicole Trunfio breastfeeding her son, Zion Clark, on their cover. The intimate image is gorgeous and the story behind the shot is equally beautiful. The cover shot was not planned. “This wasn’t a contrived situation,” says Elle Australia’s editor-in-chief, Justine Cullen. “Zion needed a feed, Nicole gave it to him, and when we saw how beautiful they looked, we simply moved her onto the set.”

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