Nepal Needs You!!

An update on Nepal:

The earthquake has killed over 7200 people and injured 10,000 more to date. Some 500,000 people were left homeless and many remain without shelter, braving the cold and rainy weather. An estimated 24,000 people are huddled within 13 camps in Kathmandu Valley. 1.7 million children need aid. 

The people of Nepal are still in need of food, water, shelter and medical supplies. There is still time to help!

Here is a list of two organizations that I believe in and really admire, plus Paypal who is a really amazing company who does a lot for charity.  Let's continue to help Nepal!!

I donate a lot and keep up to date with UNICEF regularly. They are a really great organization that I always recommend. They will be there to help Nepalese children “before, during and after a crisis.” 

The French aid organization has sent eight emergency response teams to Nepal, including a surgical team headed for Katmandu planning to set up mobile medical clinics to reach victims in remote areas.  

The company has set up a special page for contributions to aid Nepal. 100 percent of contributions will go to an array of emergency relief nonprofits, including many listed on this page. They have raised almost 2 million dollars so far!! 

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