Shit People Say To Women Directors

We are all aware of the struggles actresses face in the entertainment industry- the sexist, dull questions (most about their appearance, children or diet), the pay disparities and the annoying trend of being cut from the limelight after the age of 40. But a new Tumblr named "shit people say to women directors" is bringing to light the challenges and horrible treatment women who work behind the camera receive from their male co-workers.

Some of these posts will surely make you go red.

1. "You should really wear a jacket because people find your breasts distracting"

2. "I'm an editor. A director once informed me that sitting next to me all day made him want to look at porn"

3. How's this for a stereotype??
"Women can't direct action" 
One woman said, " I just got asked how I could direct TV and have a child at the same time. Then they implied that women can't direct action. I get that quite a lot. Shit, maybe I can't direct action. (Looks at showreel) Oh wait, no I can."

4. "I'd been working 85 hour weeks for about four months as a writer's PA when the studio told our show runner that he needed to hire a nighttime PA. He immediately hired a guy, saying that I was too much go a girl to do the job anyway. The guy he hired thought he was above PA work and it became a joke between them to blame his rookie mistakes on me. The punchline of the joke? 
"That's bad, but not bad enough for you to rape her yet"

5. Had a big trade announcement and in our first meeting, myself (the director) and my husband (co-writer) the head of the studio said, 
"I know this will make you mad but I prefer to talk to your husband."

6. I worked on a set where the director knew every male cast/crew members name, but referred to every female cast/crew member as "babe"

7.  A male writer on a TV series said to one woman, "You are a terrible assistant. Why don't you go back to working in porn where you belong?"

Courtesy of Mashable
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