14 Cool Ways To Wear A Vest This Week

Match the color of your vest to the rest of your outfit

Update a suit look buy pairing your vest with a matching culotte

Pair a leather vest with boots for a punk rock look

Wear a colored leather vest- and over a shirtdress

Wear a tailored vest with an otherwise casual outfit

Throw a leather vest over a feminine dress for some good juxoposition

Opt for denim

Just do this- because it looks so chic

Pair a long vets with a cropped trouser for interesting proportions

Wear your vest sans a shirt underneath

Layer a vest over your office clothes to instantly make your workwear cool

 Wear your vest as a dress

Opt for color- and wear a tailored sleeveless coat with sandals

Make your tailored vest summer day appropriate by pairing it with a wide brim hat

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