Custom Vitamins Are Your New Health Craze

The newest vitamin craze is here...and they are custom tailored to you.

Who is WellPath?
WellPath is a new company that strives to bring customization and ease to your supplement regimen by creating personalized vitamins and powders based on your body, lifestyle and health and wellness goals.

"Wellpath identifies your unique goals and needs and builds a nutritional solution, custom tailored, to you."

What makes them special?
Many other “personalized” supplement companies have you answer questions before they suggest pre-existing products for you. WellPath is different because they actually create a unique formula for you, mixing it together only after you place your order. They also carefully source their ingredients and use non-GMO and organic ingredients when possible. You can also find detailed product and nutritional information for each ingredients right on their website.

What you do.
1. Go to the WellPath website where you will fill out on online questionnaire with questions about your body, lifestyle and goals. You can choose what is important to you such as energy, mental focus, weight loss, athletic performance, immunity, physical appearance, emotional wellness, and more. 

2. WellPath will then create your custom products- a pill form of vitamins, minerals and herbs, as well as a powder that addresses your macronutrient needs for you to add to your morning smoothie or glass of water. 

3. Once you place your order, you will receive a months supply of your powder as well as your vitamins, which come in four (cute) weekly boxes with your name on it. Each box allows you to simply punch out each day's vitamins into your hand. Everyone will receive a multivitamin, fish oil, and a probiotic in addition to their custom products. 

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