Your Guide To The Topknot

When it gets hot out, the one thing we try to avoid is a sweaty forehead with hair stuck to it. This cool,  off duty hair style is the stylish answer to all of our summer hair problems.

Gather the top third of your hair, starting behind your ears, and spray with a shine spray. Make a center part that goes from the forehead to the crown of the head and then twist the hair into a messy knot. Loosely give the bottom part of your hair some bend with a curling iron, messing it up with your fingers. Voila!! 

Photo: Stylenoted
This is a more polished look so spend a some more time on it. Brush the top third of your hair straight up to the top of your head and create a tight, high ponytail. Then wrap the tail around the elastic to create a knot and pinning the ends in place. Spritz some shine spray for added glam.

Photo: Allure
Play around with the size of the bun you want to create. If you have thick hair, go for a bigger bun- for thinner hair make a smaller bun. 

Photo: Pinterest
This bun doesn't sit as high on the top of the head so gather your hair messily to the upper back portion of your head and create a messy bun. Skip using a brush and use your fingers instead to keep the hair a bit more tousled. 

Photo: Allure
Gather a small portion of hair from just behind your ears (only the hair that would go in front of a head band) and create a sort of top knot. You want a majority of your hair down for this look.

Photo: Byrdie
Using a comb, make a clean part that lines up with the arches of your eyebrows and twist hair into a bun.

Photo: Lefashionimage
 For a really messy, off duty look, use your fingers to grab the hair on the top of your head. Start to make a ponytail but don't pull the hair all the way through the elastic. Instead, pull the ponytail through just enough to create a small bun, letting the ends of the ponytail hang down. 

Photo: MarieClaire
Loosely grab a small section of hair just from the top of your crown. Holding the hair loosely, let it fall into its natural part. Once you have done that, hold the hair close to your head with one hand as if you are going to make a ponytail. Bend the ponytail hair at the crown under just enough to make a small bun then wrap an elastic around it. 

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