10 Fashion Industry Power Players With The Best Hair

Grace Coddington's red hair. What more is there to say

A models hair needs to be malleable for whatever a client wants, but this does not stand true for model Fernanda Ly. Her candy colored hair has catapulted her into fashion stardom.

Angelica Cheung, the editor-in-chief of Vogue China, always makes a statement with her asymmetric bob worn with short fringe.

We all know Anna Wintour's sleek bob when we see it. She has had it in play since the 1980s, proof that her power bob is a timeless  choice. 

Stylist and senior fashion editor at i-D, Julia Sarr-Jamois never fails to turn heads with her enviable natural hair worn loose and big.

Karl Lagerfeld's hair is magic. That's all.

Donatella Versace is the straightest, blondest of them all. What fits in more with the ritzy house of Versace more than a high glam head of bleached blonde straightened locks?

You know it's Suzy Menkes in the front row when you spot that iconic quiff at the crown of her head.   She invented her timeless hairstyle out of hating having hair in her face when she was writing. 

Franca Sozzani's long blonde hair is best suited for a mermaid. The editor of Italian Vogue's secret to her beachy waves in not owning a blow dryer. 

London style blogger of Suzie Bubble, Suzie Lau has her trademark long straight black hair, which she either wears up in a topknot or left loose, her eyes peeking out from under heavy, thick fringe.

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