11 Things You Probably Don't Know About Pigs

Please consider not eating pork.....

1. They are extraordinary intelligent. 
They are curious and insightful animals who are widely accepted as being smarter than young children of at least 3 years of age, dogs and even some primates.

2. They recognize their friends
Pigs are extremely social animals, forming close bonds with other individuals (humans and other pigs alike). The same way dogs can recognize other dogs from their barks, pigs identify other pigs through their odor. Sows can also distinguish the squeals of their own piglets.

3. They have a crazy sense of smell
Pig snouts contain the highest amount of tactile receptors, meaning that they use their snouts to forage for food and also in social settings to sniff out identities, sexual and emotional states of others, and identify aggressive behaviors.

4. They have a great memory
If a pig is shown an object for two days, he or she will remember that object for five days. When it comes to food, pigs will use all of their senses to remember its location, color, smell, and size.

5. They possess unique personalities
Pigs possess individual differences and preferences that are consistent over time.

6. They are great at taking commands
Like dogs, pigs understand commands like “sit” and “jump. They also comprehend the concept of playing fetch, being known to retrieve and return objects like falls.

7. They have ultra-hearing
Pigs’ hearing range spans 42–40,500 Hz, which classifies them as “sensitive” in the ultrasound range—a frequency that is greater than the upper limit in humans’ range. 

8. They understand humans
Pigs understand the emotions attached to a person’s head position and also understand the meaning behind a finger point.

9. They love to have fun
Pigs are incredibly creative, and their desire to play is connected with creativity. Pigs play in a similar way to dogs and other mammals by engaging in both object play (such as pushing balls and carrying sticks) and social play (like chasing other pigs).

10. They are self-awarene
Pigs watch themselves in the mirror and recognize a sense of self, both mentally and physically. One mirror self-recognition test found seven out of eight pigs were able to find hidden food in the mirror, then go to retrieve it. Only one pig went behind the mirror.

11. They like to play video game (kind of)

A study found that pigs have enough self-awareness to recognize the connection between their use of a modified joystick and on-screen movements.
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