Farmer Jane

I like to look put together, clean and have a more minimal taste on the average day. I feel comfortable in black and in a tailored pant or trouser at minimum- something has to crisp so that the overall look is neat. I'm okay throwing on a white tee so long as it is paired with with a black trouser and pointed flats or loafers. I would love to wear a blazer year round but it gets too hot here in L.A. I usually like to wear an interesting accessory to take out a little bit of the "fuss" that comes with looking too neat. 

Dressing "down" is not something that comes naturally to me. When I say "dressing down", I don't mean casually per se, but more like dressing in what most would think of as "weekend wear"- denim, tees, easy pieces. I am not easily inspired by casual and it takes me awhile to decide on this kind of look. That being said, I bought a pair of blue jeans, white sneakers and these overalls, among some other pieces, to help push me in the direction because I actually like a casual look and I really enjoy experimenting so I thought, what the hell. 

I bought these overalls a long time ago but haven't brought myself to wear them before today. I decided to pull them off the hanger for brunch with my "in-laws". Naturally, I chose a knitted striped top and pointed loafers accompanied by a red lip and a structured bag. I threw my hair up in a top knot, which I quickly took out and replaced with my quirky straw visor with cat ears. My beloved second father said I looked like a classy Farmer John, which I quickly renamed Farmer Jane. I was going for a more Parisian weekend look but, I took the compliment. 

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