OMG! Amy's Kitchen Is Opening A Drive Thru-

Move over McDonalds, Amy's Kitchen is taking fast food to a new level with their healthier, vegetarian, non-GMO drive thru. 

Amy's Kitchen, a company known for its vegetarian convenience food and frozen meals, will open its first restaurant in Rohnert Park, California, a city north of San Francisco.

According to Amy’s, the drive-thru will serve cult favorites including mac n cheese, burritos and pizza, as well as meat-free burgers, salads, chili, fries (fried in sunflower oil), and vegan milkshakes. Every ingredient is non-GMO and each menu item can be ordered vegan, gluten-free, or peanut- and egg-free, for those with allergies. More than 95 percent of the products are organic, and much of the ingredients will be locally sourced, coming from California farms near the Petaluma headquarters. On top of that, the menu is 

Even considering their healthy, organic food, all made on-site, Amy’s drive thru prices will remain competitive. A single patty burger, for example, will cost $2.99. A standard burrito will be priced at $4.69, and a personal cheese pizza will go for $5.89. Salads with in-season produce will start as low as $3.99. (Eat that McDonalds).

Amy’s is taking their sustainability even a step further with plans to have a "living roof" with drought-tolerant and native plants, an on-site water tower that collects rain to water the roof, a reclaimed water system for irrigation, solar panels and tableware made out of recyclable, non-GMO materials.

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