Red, White and Blue- Oh My!

 I am not a huge jeans girl, especially if they are blue. I don't think I look great in jeans and they are difficult for me to find a good pair because I am really picky. I only like higher waists, I hate anything too tight and they have to hit at least an inch above the ankle if they aren't flares. And jeans just require too much work! Having to pick out a top is a whole thing :P  I am more of a jumpsuit or dress kind of girl- basically anything that is one piece- because I am lazy and only allow myself like 5 minutes to get clothes on my body in the morning. I, however, love these high waisted flares by J Brand. They are super comfy and have a great fit- and how could you not love a 70's inspired pair of denim? 

My mom actually inspired me into this outfit. She grew up in the 70's and was the epitome of retro chic. She was always is high waisted flares and jumpsuits. I look just like her (only paler because she is Native American) and when I look at this picture I feel like I am looking at an old photo of my mom. 

Also, I just realized I am wearing red, white and blue which is really bothering me. Yes, I live in America but I really don't need to look like an American flag. I need to switch to a white bandana. And I need to buy these jeans in black.

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