5 Awesome Celebrity Responses To Sexist Interview Questions

It's no secret that there is a serious sexism problem in Hollywood. We have all seen the interviews where the actors get asked non-intrusive questions, mainly about their work, while actresses get bombarded with questions about their diet, appearance, who they are seeing and grooming habits. Reporters treat actors as if their defining characteristic is their job, not their gender. Women on the other hand are treated by reporters as objects first and artists second.

In the hilarious video, Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart sit down to interview each other, only to find out they've been given each other's question cards. As a result, Stewart gets to answer fun questions about the gym and her favorite sports team, while Jesse has to answer offensive and intimate questions about his appearance and whether or not he's pregnant or seeing anybody.

During a press interview for The Avengers in 2012, Scarlett Johansson made her annoyances clear by pointing out how creepy it was for the interviewer to ask whether she wore underwear under her Black Widow, asking "since when did people start asking about each other in interviews about their underwear?"

 On the 2014 Oscar's red carpet, a Buzzfeed reporter decided to flip the script and direct the boring questions normally reserved for actresses at Kevin Spacey. Spacey ended up asked the interviewer,  "Were you smoking before you came here?". Because obviously only someone on drugs were ask a man about his diet and grooming habits.

After divulging questions about her diet and fitness habits for her Dark Knight Rises role as Catwoman, Anne Hathaway decided to turn the tables on an interviewer from Extra by asking him, "Are you trying to lose weight?" in response to him drilling her over her eating habits for the role. 

The Toronto Star's Peter Howell, who that he can feel "outgunned by estrogen" with his wife, daughter, sisters and mother, asked Tom Hardy, "As you were reading the script, did you ever think, "Why are all these women in here? I thought this was supposed to be a man’s movie?". Tom's answer? A simple, "No."

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