Blue Bus

In case you were wondering, no, I did not plan on wearing a pleated uniform dress when I ran into this awesome vintage blue bus. The two just so happened to be uncomfortably well suited for one another. Brennan and I were actually walking my dog, Kiba, on our street where we live and ran into this retro beauty. A lot of filming is done on our street for whatever reason. Honeywagons, catering and equipment trucks take over our street on a regular basis. It is actually really cool and gets Brennan and I really excited since we both work in the film industry and hope to be making huge films one day. Anyway, I assume the bus is a set piece. I loved it so much that I actually started trying to figure out in my mind how I could possibly convert the inside of it to my apartment (so weird). Brennan thinks I have no memory what-so-ever (there is some truth to that) so he is encouraging me to re-watch an episode of some home decor show we watch sometimes that is all about converting a bus into a livable space. So sweet of him to actually entertain my insane ideas, as if this one in particular is ever going to happen, even though I am sure he just wanted to prove a point that I have the memory of an 85 year old when he sees me watch the episode with an excitement as if I have never seen it before. In any case, this bus is dope, right!?

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