Channel Islands Yacht Club

I am such an adventurous person and love to try to new things. Growing up, my father was always encouraging me to be daring and experience life to the fullest, which also meant doing anything and everything regardless of your fear- cliff jumping, white water rafting, sky diving, being a passenger in a race car going 250 mph, zip lining, you name it. I love to get out and be active and I especially love the ocean. The ocean is a retreat for me, something that makes me feel renewed. The Channel Islands Yacht Club was a dream. We sat on the patio, eating delicious ocean food, overlooking the ocean and all the gorgeous boats gleaming in the sunlight. I kayaked through a sort of canal with cute homes on either side, which reminded me a lot of the Venice beach canals. I paddle boarded for a long time. It such a zen experience- alone, quiet, and just one with nature. We ended the day on a sailboat at dusk which was a dream. It couldn't be more beautiful. 

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