What 84% of Women Worldwide Would Rather Be Than Beautiful

Clinique partnered with Harris Poll to ask 8000 women from around the world questions relating to the relationship beauty and happiness. The poll was entitled "The Truth About Happiness: What Women Want" and showed what women would rather be than attractive.
So the questions remains: Beauty or brains? 

The answer?

79% of women from 15 different countries say that they would rather be smart than beautiful. 85% of those women are American.

But what do women think would make them happier?

According to the poll, all 18 countries that were part of the poll (excluding Japan and Saudi Arabia) chose making more money as the number one contributing factor that would lead to increased happiness. 

American women think that making more money, losing weight and having more self-confidence would make them happier (in that order), while Women in Saudi Arabia felt that having a better education and being more religious/spiritual would lead to greater self-happiness.

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