Last Saturday night's 2015 Global Citizen's Festival in Mahattan's Central Park, Michelle Obama introduced 62MillionGirls, a new social campaign that is focused on education for girls. The campaign is in partnership with Girl Rising, which is part of the Let Girls Learn initiative that the first lady and the President announced in March.

“Right now, more than 62 million girls are not in school,” Mrs. Obama began. “These girls are our girls. They deserve the same chances to get an education as all of our children", she continued, "...giving them that chance is at the core of our work to end global poverty. It is the only way to ensure that these girls can fulfill their potential, provide for the their families and contribute fully to their countries"

62 million girls are denied the right to an education and as the 62MillionGirls mission statement states, "When girls aren’t given the chance to realize their potential, the whole world loses out."

Please join 62MillionGirls right now by posting a black and white photo of yourself to your social media, sharing what you learned in school.

"In school I learned ______. #62MillionGirls don't have that chance."

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