Daily Habits To Make Yourself Smarter

1. Read for 10 minutes every day

No, I am not talking about a fashion magazine. Get on the internet or grab an informative magazine. Browse through advocacy websites or one that offers public news (news not funded by corporations- it's totally different). You can learn so much of what is happening in and around the world which will give you opportunity to take a important stance on a topic. Some of the websites I visit regularly are NPR, Truth-out and Democracy Now.

2. Listen to public radio on your commute

Instead of listening to Taylor Swift, tune in to public radio. Spending your hour, or even 10 minute commute, listening to something informational will provide you with so much more knowledge. You will learn something new every day! I listen to NPR or KPFK religiously. I love KPFK because they offer all different types of programming from news, women's issues, environment, spiritual, health, politics, etc. They always have special guests on who are well versed on the topic to talk about each issue. And it's public radio, meaning it won't be tainted by corporate funding. 

3. Come up with a new idea or stance every day

Plays devils advocate- if you hear or read something interesting, do research and come up with your own conclusion. Form a unique opinion towards it then do research that supports the position you are taking.

4. Share what you learn with other people

Sharing, explaining, and/or debating ideas helps you understand and process them more deeply and fully. Plus, you'll be soaking up new ideas from the people you're engaged in this exchange of information with.

5. Follow your questions

If your interest or curiosity is piqued, don't just let the moment pass. Pursue it until you know everything you want to know.

6. Set aside time to do nothing at all

Quiet, stillness, even boredom can be good for creative thinking. Sometimes, your mind craves that stillness to drift and discover.

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