This School Is Offering Free Education To Refugees

Kiron University is an online school that is based in Germany but is accessible across the globe. Kiron University believes that education is the best way for refugees to help themselves, which is why they are offering free education to refugees. With classes set to start in October, students can earn internationally accepted bachelor’s degree for free. The university works in collaboration with massive open online courses (MOOCs), which are offered by top universities such as Yale, MIT, and Harvard. After two years of online courses, students will transfer to one of 20 partner colleges across Europe that have agreed to accept students and recognize credits from Kiron.

At most universities, students are required to submit paperwork such a a transcript, diploma or even letters of recommendation. Since most refugees have not much more than the clothes on their backs, Kiron University only requires that students submit only a certificate that confirms they are refugees or have applied for refugee status.

As a nongovernmental organization, Kiron has raised money to support the students through crowdfunding. It has surpassed its first goal of 120,000 euros, which will provide scholarships for 100 students, but with more than 15,000 people expressing interest in the program, it has upped the goal to 1.2 million euros and hopes to assist 1,000 students. At this time the students will present documents required at traditional schools. 
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