Dressed Up Denim

There is nothing better, or more timeless in my opinion than a perfect denim jacket. They're effortlessly cool, casual and comfortable and can be worn every month of the year. Perfect as a light jacket in spring, while super cool in the winter layered under a heavier coat. The only problem we can run into sometimes is how to wear our denim jackets in a refreshing way. I chose to pair mine with a feminine, flowing dress by Lavish Alice. I thought the denim jacket made the dress day time appropriate with a splash of an effortless cool with the addition of the metallic pink heels. 

I love this dress as it is surprisingly versatile. While it is probably traditionally more of a cocktail dress, I imagine pairing it with something like a white tee underneath and cool slides, or a striped fitted sweater and sneakers. 

Dress: Lavish Alice
Shoes: ASOS 
Jacket: Forever21
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