Easy Weekending

I took Brennan shopping at Zara this past weekend at because he is weird and has never even tried anything on, let alone walked into the store, before. Let's just say he is not quite into personal style the same way a lot of us are. He generally sticks to black skinny jeans, superhero t-shirts (comic book nerd) and occasionally his black, thick framed reading glasses. I always try to dress him because he's tall and thin and would wear clothes like a dream.You know, the type of person that can pull off anything. But he always gets slightly perturbed when I hold garment after garment up in his face with a dorky smile on my face that says, "This! Look at this! This is awesome!". He says that I am trying to treat him like a human doll (which is 100% true, and I'm totally fine with that). Anyway, I found him a jacket almost identical to the one I am wearing here and he wouldn't even try it on! He's some kind of alien. This jacket is dope. I really just wanted to twin! We would make such a rad style duet. Maybe next time. 

Jacket: Misguided
Loafers: Zara (similar here)
Hat: Vintage
Denim: H&M (similar here)
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