Sweater Weather In L.A

It is just starting to get a little bit cooler here in LA. And by cooler I mean 71 degrees, which is definitely sweater weather for a California girl. I noticed recently however that I am not prepared for cooler weather this season at all. I don't really have many sweaters (I have two black cashmere turtlenecks and a couple others), and I don't have many transitional jackets either because I don't wear a jacket for 9 of the 12 months of the year, and the other 3 months are virtually freezing by my standards so I wear heavier coats. Basically, my closet was not accommodating "cool" Fall weather to say the least. I needed to buy some sweaters and since I love black and love turtlenecks, this Zara sweater was everything I needed in my life. It's cropped, it's chunky, it's studded, it's black and has a turtleneck, which means I hit the sweater jackpot. So this concludes my sweater shopping (except for a black and white striped one I saw at Zara as well- also cropped, chunky, black, and with a turtleneck- they didn't have it in my size but I WILL find it) because I'm feeling like this is the only one I need for the rest of my life. It's so good. Also, these boots are super comfortable and layering that long silk button up underneath that sweater was a really good decision.

Skirt: H&M
Boots: Misguided
Sweater: Zara (similar here)

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