This Amy Schumer Video Is Spot On

Despite the unapologetically self-assured female role models popping up all over the place, women’s extreme prostration still seems to be at an all time high. This “Inside Amy Schumer” sketch skewered our assumed need to apologize. The scene is set at a "Females In Innovation conference" during a panel of "the top innovators in their [respective] fields," which includes Schumer as a scientist who studies neuropeptides, another woman who is a Nobel Prize winner, a woman who invented a solar panel water filtration system, a Pulitzer Prize winner, and a woman who built a school for child soldiers. The apologies start when the women correct the male moderator for his errors in introducing them. Then, one by one, the women begin to apologize first for trivial things (like being allergic to caffeine, or for talking over one another) then devolve into a succession of increasingly absurd and disturbing "sorries."


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