7 Essential Oils You Need In Your Medicine Cabinet

1. Eucalyptus
-respiratory problems
-clears lungs sinuses
-add to humidifier for a more restful sleep and to help with a cold

2. Lavender
-calms insect bites when applied immediately
-apply to temples and bottom of feet, or use in a humidifier, to soothe anxiety and stress
-soothes irritated skin
-aids in sleep

3. Tea Tree
-anti-septic and anti-viral
-cold sores
-athletes foot

4. Lemon
-soothes a sore throat when added to hot tea or water
-swollen glands
-drains lymphatics
-circulatory problems
-digestive problems

5. Peppermint

-add to warm water to relieve nausea or upset stomach
-apply topically to abdomen to receive stomach cramps
-applying to the chest and throat to calm coughing fits and help relieve bronchial congestion
-apply with lavender to the forehead to calm a headache
-gargle with water (mouthwash)

6. Frankinscence
-cleans minor cuts, bites and sores
-apply to bottom of feet for immune support
-depression/sadness- use in humidifier to help lift mood and awareness
-wrinkles, age spots

7. Oregano Oil
(always dilute oregano oil before ingesting or applying topically!)
-use in humidifier or diffuser to get rid of the flu or any other sickness.
-put a few drops in a pot of steaming water and inhale to help with sinus infections and colds
-add to warm water to relieve a sore throat
-add a few drops to your lotion and massage onto chest to aid in congestion
-combine with olive oil and apply to sore muscles
-bacterial/viral infections
-speedy recovery when ill

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