Carry-On Essentials

When I fly, I usually go sans make-up. Flying sucks the moisture out of your skin and your face ends up looking drab, dry and lifeless post flight. Am I right? Right when I get in my seat on the place I apply this mask and wear it for the entirety of the flight. The gel formula deeply replenishes lost moisture and re-plumps the skin. Right before the plane lands, I use a face wipe to clean it off and apply make-up as I usually would and I leave the airport looking incredibly fresh.

2. Coconut Water
You can become extremely dehydrated while traveling by place due to the low humidity levels and atmospheric pressure. To avoid dehydration, skip dehydrating beverages like soda, coffee or anything caffeinated. Instead, bring a large coconut water, which is packed with electrolytes, and drink as much as you can during the flight.

Because I don't want to be bothered and this is the cutest way to say so.

Airplanes are infested with bacteria, part of the reason why people get sick so often after flying. The first thing I do before I sit down is thoroughly wipe down my area- including the seat, screen, arm rests, belt buckle, etc.

Airplanes are always freezing so I love to have a really soft, warm pair of socks for the flight. I have multiple pairs of ones by Pepper and Main.

This is a cult favorite for a reason. This super creamy shea butter balm is super moisturizing and lasts nearly all day.

This stuff is awesome and if you don't have it in your bag at all times, I suggest you get it now. This creamy treatment is ultimate multi-tasker! I put it on my lips, cuticles and even on my eyebrows to give them a nice glow. 

8. And finally, a book! It's the perfect time to catch up on reading!

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