David Bowie- More Than A Musical Genius

The artist and the philanthropist

David Bowie is known for so many things- a musical genius, a fashion icon, the husband of the mega-supermodel Iman, sexual ambiguity and eccentricity. But unknown to many, he was also an important philanthropist and global citizen.

Bowie was a hero for so many causes including AIDS & HIV, at-risk and disadvantaged youth, children, disaster relief, education, human rights, children, hunger, peace, poverty and women's rights.

He was also a quiet but generous supporter of animal welfare. His song “Heroes,” the title track of his 1977 album, has become a rallying cry for people around the world working to end the killing and capture of whales and dolphins in Japan and the theme song for the documentary The Cove, which brought global attention to the annual slaughter in Taiji, to which Bowie ensured that his song would be licensed to the director of the film for a very minimal fee.

Bowie and his wife, Iman, were huge supporters of the Keep A Child Alive Foundation and he maintained a long philanthropic commitment to raising awareness for HIV/AIDS research and famine in Africa.  He also expressed activism toward racial equality, most famously during a 1983 interview with MTV, where was very outspoken and critical of the network for its lack of coverage of black musicians. 

David Bowie's contribution to the world can not be overstated. David Jones as the artist and philanthropist will be missed by all, but is creative and philanthropic work will continue to inspire the world for years to come. 

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