Leather & Camo

I am really into camoflauge at the moment. It adds a punch to nudes and neutrals, adds an edge to minimalist lines and takes your basics from well, basic, to street style ready instantly. And it's such a versatile print. It can be cool or incredibly chic depending on how you wear, and it looks rad with nearly everything from neutrals, black, nudes and denim.

I have never owned anything camoflauge print, with the exception of a jogger that I wore in high school all the time with a black blazer, but when I saw this fine knit sweater I fell in love with it. I had flashes of wearing it with everything from boyfriend jeans, a leather mini, a midi wrap skirt, leather pants or these overalls, and it is light enough to layer. 

I originally left the house in my lace up heels, which I love, but came home later in white sneakers and my shaggy coat that I had in my car. I saw them in the back seat and said out loud, "yeah, let's try that". Looking at it, I really can't decide which I like better. The sneakers actually take the outfit to a completely different place, which I find interesting. But white sneakers really make everything look cool. 
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