Skirts Over Pants

How do you instantly up the cool factor of any outfit? Layer a skirt or dress over pants. I am still so not done with this trend that was born last Spring. The layering trick gets you street style ready while also reimagining your wardrobe...and it's surprisingly easy to pull off. There are three rules: embrace layers, play with textures, and pay attention to color palettes and prints. Monotone looks work best with this trend in my opinion, but at least stay within the same color families. And play with prints! Most importantly, be sure that your pieces are have similar aesthetic. Each separate piece should be crisp and tailored for example, or slouchy and casual. Wear a simple skirt with clean lines with a cropped trouser or streamlined pants and a button up shirt, or wear a summer dress over flared denim. 

skirt over pants

skirt dress over pants

skirt over pants leather pants street style

skirt over pants leather pants street style
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