Proenza and Prabal Kill It At NYFW

Prabal Gurung
Comfort and style was definitely a theme throughout, with garments cut away from the body. There was strong theme of slightly undone luxe with this collection as well.  Garments had rows of unfastened buttons at the hems and necklines and knee length dresses with long sleeves and high necks were sliced up the thigh or around the shoulders. I found the collection to be both modern and effortlessly sexy, and a bit darkly romantic with a color palette of ice blues, browns and cream, hot burgundy, fiery red and finally black and white. 

Proenza Schouler
Wide leg trousers and knits that are stitched, bonded, belted and laced together. Proenza really brought it when it came to artful layering. Wide leg pants were worn under flowing and slightly asymmetrical blouses with lace up coats or jackets that appeared to be wrapping around the body on top. I really fell for the knit dresses which featured a bonded waist, extra long mini bell sleeves, were cut ever so slightly off the shoulders which allowed for thick straps to grab attention. The were styled over a flowing under dress that peeked out of the dresses' split front. Also, right when I thought the lace-up trend was dead, Proenza showed up and brings it back with a one-two punch with artful knits, coats and horizontally lace up dresses. 

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