Utility Suits- The Badass Sister Of The Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are definitely a wardrobe staple for me. They are as comfortable as they are stylish, not to mention the easiest way to put yourself together in the morning. You can skip trying to coordinate a top or  bottom- just throw on your favorite shoes and maybe a great hat or watch and you are good to go. I wear a lot of jumpsuits- a lot- so when the utility suit started hitting the streets last year, it brought a new excitement to my jumpsuit obsessions. They were my fashion refresh button so to speak. Originally worn in utility inspired jobs (#ghostbusters) but let's be honest- they were made for the street as the more badass sister of the jumpsuit.

I have one great denim utility suit and this wool number from Zara. I wear them a lot but in very different ways. I'll wear one completely buttoned up sans a belt and let it be big, or un-button one nearly all the way down and wear a sexy lace cami underneath, or throw on a faux fur vest, or let the bodice hang down completely or maybe tie the arms around my waist and wear a sweater or tee up top. The opportunities are nearly endless.
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