NYFW: The Winning Ts- Tibi & Tome

Tibi rules in comfort and ease, which a lot of times means total snooze-fest, but Tibi is always totally wearable and ridiculously cool- the ruler of the slip dress and the slouch. To say the Fall collection didn't disappoint would be an understatement. Men walked the runway at the show, but here's the catch: Tibi is not expanding into menswear but rather playing with gender neutral clothing, which I love. There was a slight military inspiration with navy and army green color combinations, pea coats with large brass buttons and a long navy tunic dress paired with knee high leather boots. There was a lot of focus on details, from glittering knits, interesting belts, bi brass buttons and extra long bell sleeves. The major take-away however was monochromatic dressing from navy to soft whites, burnt orange and blush.

Patch-y denim, shaggy shearling, undone and wearable corsets, latex turtlenecks, zebra prints, belts in the form of giant bows- Tome is far from cohesive but who even cares when it's so freakin' fun and cool- to the point where you suddenly feel that your entire closet is a total snooze and you just can't get through life anymore if you don't get everything in the collection right this second. That's all there really is to say

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