A Long Trench Coat For Spring

It's Spring here in L.A (I think? The weather has been confusing) so I pulled my trench coat to the front of my coat closet. Spring (like all seasons really) in L.A is still very warm compared to the rest of the world, so while everyone else is comfortably wearing all their awesome winter warm coats and Spring trenches, we are over also wearing ours, but the difference is that we are sweating, trying to remind ourselves of the whole "style over comfort" thing. Needless to say, this lightweight trench jacket by H&M is perfect for L.A and I just love it. You really only need on trench coat- you keep it for years and they never go out of style. The problem with things like this however is that you can run into the problem of being uninspired by it at a certain point. I was feeling the same way so I took to accessories to freshen up my trench. I love the classic jeans and trench look, so I really wanted to stick with it on it's first outing for Spring. But to make it modern and fun I added a skinny scarf, vintage sunnies, and my favorite knit turban and suede lace up sandals by ASOS. 


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