6 Crystals Everyone Needs In Their Life

Stones, crystals and gemstones are created from the magma from the Earth’s inner core. Being amongst the most ancient objects on the planet, they are believed to contain an incredibly strong energy field as well as wisdom and strength far beyond what we as humans could ever achieve.  Because they are made up of tiny crystals which are in constant motion, each stone emits an energy signature or frequency, all of which possess certain properties.

Gemstones have been used for healing throughout human history as far back as 4BC, with evidence of ancient civilizations such as the Chinese, Egyptians, Sumerians, Greeks, Romans using gemstones for healing in multiple ways.

I have been fascinated with magic, crystals and stones since I was very young (so much so actually that my parents scolded me for trying to “practice witchcraft”).  I have always believed in what most people would call magic, but what I always thought of as the wisdom and energy of the universe. Crystals and gems are not only unbelievably beautiful, but they contain incredible healing properties. I wear them, keep them in my home and also meditate with them regularly.

Here are 6 crystals that everyone should own and are great for beginners!

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1. Rose quartz
Heart chakra 
Stone of unconditional love, friendship, self love, compassion and gratitude
Heals emotions
Helps open us to give and receive love
Forgiveness of ourselves and others

2. Citrine
Solar plexus chakra
Powerful cleanser and protector. Dissipates negative energy
Profound and powerful supporter of abundance and prosperity in every shape and form
Stone “of the mind”. Increasing concentration, intellect

3. Clear quartz
Crown chakra 
Has the most focused energy, which makes it ideal for nearly anything you need
Spiritual growth
Balances the mind, body and spirit 
Brings pure, white light
Raises your vibration

4. Hematite
Root chakra
Protective stone
It’s mirrored surface deflects other people’s moods and bad vibes
Grounding stone for when you feel disconnected from your body

5. Moonstone
Third eye and crown chakras
Stone of the goddess
Helps connect with your feminity
Inner growth
Strengthens intuition
Helps accept what IS

6. Amethyst
Third eye chakra
Expands the mind
Encourages creativity and intuition
Aids with sleep and relieving nightmares
Calming stone
Dispels anger and anxiety
Stress reliever
Relieves sadness and grief

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