All Dressed Up With No Place To Go Is Your Weekend Inspiration

Every week, like most of us, I am dying for the weekend to come. We spend all day working our butts off for 5 days of the week, and it can get mundane (am I right??) I also work nights blogging and working on my clothing line, so my work days usually end up being a solid 12-15 hours. I love my work, I can't complain, but....

I love my work, I can't complain, but too much work and no play can drain me. I need to get out, have some fun, be inspired! I like my weekends to consist of sunshine, good food, vintage or flea market shopping, movies, museums, horseback riding, or hitting up beautiful outdoor spots like the Santa Monica Pier, Franklin Canyon or the Huntington Gardens, for example.

Unfortunately this doesn't happen for me as often as I would like. I would love to get out and explore every weekend, but I often find myself under the realization that I haven't had any fun in weeks. Sometimes I need to help out with my father (who is sick), I have 100 tedious errands, I have charity work, and I also usually end up being behind and needing to work on my creative projects (all of which I am not complaining about!). So I sit at home (or maybe a local coffee shop) and punch away at my computer or work on my sewing machine, and before I know it the weekend-or two-has got away from me. Yikes!

That said, I am not one to sit around in my active leggings or t-shirts. I have to get dressed regardless of what I am doing. I actually love to go through my closet on the weekends, pull outfits and try to see what interesting looks I can come up with (you know me- I don't buy a ton but always re-work my wardrobe!). So by the time I have succeeded in pulling looks, I usually end up walking around my house in a great dress I don't get to wear often, an outfit made up of a heterogeneous mixture (a hodgepodge if you will) of everything in my closet- which is my favorite.

My point in all of this- I love this editorial because it reminds me a lot of what my weekends look like.

Happy Saturday!


All photos: Heroine spring / summer 2016
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