The Busy Girl's Guide To: The Presidential Election

Keeping up with political candidates and trying to decide who to vote for can be confusing, but not to fret. Find out what the important issues surrounding millennial women are, Bernie and Hillary's stance on each, and who women like you are voting for, after the jump!  (Assuming you are NOT voting for the crazy, racist, women-hating Trump) 

of women believe this election is going to have an impact on their lives

believe that none of the presidential candidates inspire them or are talking about the issues that matter to them

believe there is bias against women being in positions of power in this country.


Across all ages and demographics, voters tend to care broadly about the economy, health care, and terrorism.

Here are the issues that Millennial women care about

Candidates take on each issue

Sanders describes himself as "very strongly pro-choice." He believes abortion should be legal, and a "choice to be made between a woman, her physician, and her family." Unlike Clinton, Sanders supports abortion without any exception, even in a circumstance of late pregnancy. 

"I happen to believe that it is wrong for the government to be telling a woman what to be doing with her own body."

Clinton has been a long-time supporter of abortion access, however she wants abortion to be "safe, legal, and rare". She has voiced support for "late-pregnancy regulation that would have exceptions for the life and health of the mother." She also denounced efforts to defund Planned Parenthood and been a vocal supporter of contraception access. 

"I believe we need to protect access to safe and legal abortion — not just in principle, but in practice. Any right that requires you to take extraordinary measures to access it is no right at all." 

Sanders has made income inequality the cornerstone of his campaign. Sanders consistently criticizes the country's millionaires and billionaires, arguing that they don't deserve "huge tax breaks while children all over this country go hungry." He has called for a 10% tax surcharge on billionaires, extend Social Security taxes, and go after income made abroad by US corporations. He wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour and also create a new 0.2% tax on all earners to fund a paid family leave program (The current U.S. paid-leave system (or lack thereof) pushes one in four women back to work a mere two weeks after having a baby)

Clinton has positioned herself as a champion of the middle class throughout her campaign.
Her stance is basically Sanders-light. She wants to raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour, wants a 4% surtax on income over $5 million and wants to close the tax loopholes for the wealthy. 

Sanders has voted in favor of a ban on assault weapons and supports expanding background checks to all commercial sales, as well as closing the gun show "loophole," which enables people to buy firearms at gun shows without being screened for prior offenses.

Clinton takes what she calls a "common sense" approach to gun control. Like Sanders, she supports a ban on assault weapons, expanded background checks and closing the gun show "loophole".

Sanders supports equal pay for women. He voted for the Paycheck Fairness Act in 2014, though the bill was blocked by Senate Republicans.
"If the U.S. Senate had 80 women rather than 80 men as it does now, this bill would pass immediately," Sanders said in 2014. "It is absurd that women receive 77 cents for every dollar a man makes."

Clinton was the main sponsor of the Paycheck Fairness Act when she was a senator. In addition, she co-sponsored the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act in 2009, which extended the time frame for when women can bring wage discrimination lawsuits against their employers.
"Too many people view it as a women's issue as opposed to what it truly is — it's an economic growth issue,"

Sanders wants to make all public colleges tuition-free and wants to eliminate federal government profit on student loan repayment. He wants to guarantee affordable loans. and let graduates refinance federal loans to get a lower rate.

Clinton proposes lowering interest rates on current and future loans, supports free community college. She also wants to eliminate federal government profit on student loan repayment and make it simpler for graduates to repay loans at a rate based on their income.

Who women are voting for

*All numbers based on a survey of a random sampling of 566 women across the country, ages 18 to 35 done by Refinery29 and ABC News. 

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