Daytime Suits & Graphic Tees

Let's face it- a suit (or tuxedo in my case) isn't just for the office. The street style elites have made it obvious that a good suit has proven to be not just appropriate, but ridiculously cool and impossibly chic, for any time of day and nearly any occasion. Not to mention the endless possibilities that comes with how you can wear them. 

Oh suits how I love thee, let me count the ways.....

1. Date nights
2. With sneakers
3. Shopping
4. Meetings
5. Layered under a long coat
6. Lunching
7. With just a bra
8. Partying
9. Cocktailing
10. Just buttoned. With no shirt whatsoever. 
11. Red Carpeting
13. Or like here- with a rad graphic tee and some good accessories, like a thick choker or skinny scarf and a rad pair of sunnies.

Also, I have decided that the metallic sandals were a poor choice. Should have gone with a classic pointed pump on this one. Or maybe a sneaker.


My suit is by H&M, however unfortunately they don't carry it anymore. But here are a couple of my favorite, affordable suits online right now, as well as some dope Star Wars tees.

Mango Contrast Blazer ($60) & Trousers ($50)

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