Summer Wardrobe

A good pair of white cropped trousers or culottes, a pajama inspired floral blouse, clear heeled boots and a super fun straw hat scream a modern summertime.

This outfit really epitomizes everything I love about Summer fashion. A pair of white culottes or cropped pants are a must. They are easy and breezy, polished, and go with everything. I especially love them right now paired with an off the shoulder top. They are super cute with sandals and always rad with a tall boot, as I'm wearing here. I am with these by Public Desire. The nude color is so refreshing and the lucite heels are everything. 

I am not really a floral type of girl but I fell for this top because of it's larger, more abstract print and it's bright colors (that lime green piping though). It's pajama style really got me. I am a sucker for pajama anything right now and I loved this top's shape and texture.

A hat is obviously essential for summer, especially in L.A, but a plain old hat won't do. I love cheeky baseball hats (dad hat's too) and captain's hats. But this oversized straw fedora by H&M is everything and rarely leaves my head.

summer outfit florals culottes straw hat

summer outfit florals culottes straw hat

summer outfit florals culottes straw hat


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