The Busy Girl's Guide: 5 Minute Natural Makeup

Get your shit together in the morning in 5 minutes flat. #noretouching #nofilter. A step-by-step guide to my go-to 5 minute natural makeup look, plus shop all the products I use, after the jump!

natural makeup tutorial 5 minutes

I never, ever skip my primer. It's essential to great looking skin. Lately, I have also been adding MAC's Strobe Cream. It really brightens my face and makes it look luminous. The quickest way to get it all on is to add it to your moisturizer.

When you're in a rush, the biggest time saver is applying foundation only where you really need it. I always use a brush. I find that it really buffs the product into my skin and helps it go on super even.  My favorite is one by Bare Minerals because,it is round and,  unlike flat foundation brushes,  can be easily buffed in a circular motion. In any case, apply your foundation to the center of your face and cheeks first, then buff the product to the outer edges and over and under your eyes. This helps your foundation supply coverage where you need it while avoiding a caked-on look.

I use Nars Naked Skin Weightless Foundation. It is a semi-matte, build-able foundation that looks so freakin' natural.

Use your finger or a tiny brush to add some concealer to the inner corners of your eyes and around your nose. I use Maybelline New York Highlighting Concealer because it goes on nicely and really brightens these areas. While you're at it, go ahead and dab a little bit of concealer onto any spots you may have, using a tiny brush. Don't go crazy and make sure to blend really well. I use Laura Mercier secret camouflage for spots.

For your eyes, stick with something neutral. Start with an eyeshadow that almost matches your skin and apply it all over the eye. I love a cream color for it's texture and because you can apply it with your finger in literally 3 seconds. Next, use a fluffy brush to buff a matte eyeshadow a few shades darker into your creases. My daily eye makeup go-to is MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork, a mid-tone neutral taupe, applied to my eyelid using my finger- and that's it! Or I'll apply Mac Paint Pot in Bare Study, a soft beige color with gold pearl, followed by a darker matte eyeshadow on the creases of my eye using a brush. This whole process should take 30 seconds.

For the next 30 seconds, curl your eyelashes really well (if you have an extra 5 seconds, use your blow dryer to warm up your curler!!) and apply lots of mascara. If you do nothing else, always wear mascara because it instantly wakes you up and helps you look put together. I can't live without Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara.

Fill in the highest point of the brows and any bald spots using an angled eyebrow brush and a matte eyeshadow that matches the color of your brows (or slightly darker, if you're into that. I know I am.) Next, a few swipes of Glossier's Boy Brow to lift and set the hairs. I am obsessed with Boy Brow. It's waxy texture makes the brows look thicker, it has a good saturation of color and holds all day.

Buff your favorite blush upwards onto the apples of your cheeks, or put a few subtle swipes of bronzer into the hollows of your cheeks and around your hairline and jawbone.

Using a lip liner almost the same color as your natural lip, lightly line the edges of your lips to add definition. Using a very natural color eliminates any precision that usually comes with lip liner. Add a few swipes of the liner onto full part of your lips. This helps your lipstick stay longer and also helps things look more natural. Next, gently rub just the center of your lips together, being careful not to smudge or blend the liner on the outside of the lips. From there, Apply your favorite lip stain or lipstick. I like a super natural, matte lipstick and my go-to is MAC in Velvet Teddy.

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