Schoolboys Were Excluded From Wearing Shorts To School, So They Did This Instead

Damn those sexist school uniform rules....

School rules when it comes to uniforms or attire in general can be really sexist. Girls are usually told they can't wear anything "distracting", which can include spaghetti straps, certain tops, or shorts or skirt deemed too short. Few things irritate me more than this type of sexism, especially towards young girls, who in this type of situation are essentially being told that what they're wearing is more important than their education. Not to mention, we should be teaching boys to keep it together rather than shaming girls, telling them they are a "distraction".  But we have to remember that women aren't always the only victims of sexism....

Staying cool in record high temps is no easy feat for males when your school uniform is strictly trousers. After four boys at Brighton's Longhill High School in the U.K were scolded and about to be sent home for coming to school in their p.e. shorts on the hottest day of the year thus far, the boys decided to take it upon themselves to wear another school sanctioned uniform option- skirts.  The boys wore the skirts for the remainder of the week, despite being scolded by their teachers. They felt that they were being discriminated against because girls were allowed to wear the skirts and show their bare legs. 

Metro UK
Thankfully, the outcome was a positive one, as the school headteacher, Kate Williams, had no problem with the students wearing non-gender conforming outfits, stating, "students can wear any part of the agreed school uniform". (Metro UK)

A new government funded "gender-neutral" policy allows boys and girls at 80 schools in the U.K. to choose whether they want to wear a skirt or pants as part of their school uniform. The policy was put into place in hopes that schools would be more sensitive to lesbian, gay, trans or non-gender comforting students. 

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