DIY Patch Denim Jacket

How to recreate my DIY patchwork denim jacket, after the jump!
DIY patch denim jacket

Patch anything these days is on trend, but a patchwork denim jacket has proven to be timeless. There are so many pre-made patch jackets in the market right now, but while some are super cute, none really felt personal enough to me to buy. I decided to make my own. I was on the hunt for the perfect denim jacket, which proved to be difficult to come upon. It has to be just the right wash, weight, and length. I wanted a cropped style, mid-wash that looked somewhat worn. It had to be lightweight considering I live in L.A where my chances of wearing any type of jacket are slim to none.

 I looked at every vintage and thrift shop I came across for this perfect denim jacket and at the end of the day, I actually found "the one" at an H&M that I was walking by and decided to pop into. I collected patches over the course of a few months- all via the internet because 1) I didn't have enough free time to search for in-store vintage patches (as fun as that would have been), and 2) I am not patient enough to simply wait to months or even years to collect enough to make a jacket out of.

diy patchwork patch denim jacket

I am not done with my jacket by any means as I hope to collect some more patches more spontaneously and perhaps through my travels. But I am pretty happy with the start.

diy patchwork patch denim jacket
 diy patchwork patch denim jacket
 diy patchwork patch denim jacket
diy patchwork patch denim jacket

I ironed on each patch according to the instructions and then went over each with my sewing machine for better reinforcement. 


ASOS ($62)

Zara  (sale $40)

Zara ($70)


Alien Peace 

I Ate The Whole Thing

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