How To Have A Spa Worthy Bath At Home

First things first. Light some candles- because nothing sets the mood like some candles, and baths just aren't the same without them. It's a great time to light some that smell of essential oils. My two favorites are lavender and rose. Lavender is calming, stress relieving and helps us get to sleep, and rose is calming, uplifting and helps with anxiety or nervous tension.

First thing up for your bath are bubbles- because without them, well, it's not a bubble bath. Try sticking to something all natural and also pretty basic to allow your soaks and salts to really shine. 

Next comes the salt. Since ancient times, the Dead Sea has been venerated for its life-giving powers. The Dead Sea waters consist of 21 different minerals including magnesium, potassium, sodium, sulfur, zinc, calcium, chloride, iodide, and bromide, all of which work synergistically to nourish our bodies. Epsom salt is also an all around healer. The magnesium is Epsom cures aching muscles, regulates blood pressure, draws out toxins, and so much more. I love the Herbivore dead sea salts as well as the salt blend by House Of Intuition, which contains ultra Epsom sea salt, ylang ylang, honey calcite crystal, 100% organic lavender, bergamot, allspice, chamomile, ginger, cassia, clove, lime and grapefruit oils.

Last to go in are your soaks and blends. Bathing in ingredients like coconut, milk and honey is so, so good for your skin. Coconut is softening and nourishing, honey is calming, softening and moisturizing and the lactic acid in milk is exfoliating. Cleopatra was bathed in milk and honey, so why can't you?

You can also opt for a blend. Why not get all the herbs, oils and nourishment you need in one soak? Bath bombs are a great choice. But personally, I never go without the Alchemy Bath by Crystal Cactus. It's blended with lavender, chamomile, sage and juniper, and contains dried herbs, flower petals, essential oils and a big chunk of crystal quartz. I mean, who wouldn't want to bathe in a crystal that is considered to be the "master healer"?

So you've done your thing, relaxed, your body has soaked up all this goodness. But before exiting the bath, give your skin a thorough scrub. We exfoliate our faces regularly to get rid of buildup and to achieve fresh, glowing skin. But the skin on our body needs to be exfoliated too. Actually even more so than our faces because the skin on our body sheds dead skin at a faster rate than our face. Exfoliating our bodies will give our skin the same glow that we want for our face, and it also helps with circulation and allows for better absorption of moisturizer.
Herbivore Coco Rose Body Polish ($36)

What better time to get some good skincare in than when you're relaxing in a steamy bath? For spa quality results, you'll want to do three things- exfoliate, apply an acid or charcoal mask, followed by a moisturizing mask. I use these three (below) together every week and honestly, my skin looks pretty damn good. In fact, I've been skipping out of my aesthetician altogether lately. 
You've set the mood, you've got your face mask on, your body is soaking up all kinds of goodness. Now it's time to take care of your insides. A little meditation goes a long way when it comes to having a relaxed and healthy state of mind. Take a load off, you deserve it. 

This app has proven to be one of my favorites. It's for both beginners and those who are experienced. It offers a wide variety of three to 30 minutes mediations, both guided and not, ranging from letting go, being present, breath work, and so much more 

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