Slip Dress & Oversized Denim

"Bite off more than you can chew, then chew it"

Biting off more than I can chew is the story of my life. As a creative person, I must constantly find myself being fed inspiration and knowledge in order to feel fulfilled. I am always working on projects while looking for new ways to expand myself and creativity. Luckily I am a person of follow through and focus and can never give up on anything before I see it all the way through, Otherwise, I would be all over the place. Have a lot of ideas and nothing to show for it. That said, I am very careful in my decisions about what I take on because once I dedicate myself to something, there is no turning back and it easily becomes the focus of my life. 

slip dress trend, loafers, denim jacket

This is true of my blog. I have wanted to start a blog since 2009 but for many reasons I won't bore you with, I waited until last year.  Since it's launch, it has been the center of my universe. I spend every "spare" moment I have on STFU, and with great satisfaction. I love it. I started my blog at a quiet time for me, when it came to filmmaking at least. I wasn't producing anything at the moment and was at a point when I really wanted to do something big, that I had always wanted to. 

slip dress trend, loafers, denim jacket

Once I officially launched STFU, inevitably I signed onto a film. There are quite a few different types of producers. I work mostly in pre-production of a film- planning, if you will. It's a lot of paperwork, meetings, scouting, scheduling, budgeting, which can take months and months. It's a full time gig in it of itself. At that point I was juggling work, blogging and producing. I had a few freak outs I must say. It was a lot on my plate. 

oversized denim jacket, loafers, bandana bracelet

And then I had the bright idea of starting a kids clothing line. Like most things, especially blogging and producing, Tribe & Company took a lot (a lot) of planning. Like seemingly most of my jobs, the process was a long, tedious one, but the journey was really exciting and well worth it in the end. There is nothing like seeing something through from idea to execution. 

short slip dress trend

But all the work- the blood, sweat and tears that goes into our creative endevours can leave us exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed. So much so that I wish I just had nothing to do. No projects. Nothing to work on. I like to try to cut time out to relax but as you can probably relate, there just isn't time. If I relax one night, that's more work for the next. 

slip dress and oversized denim jacket

But in the end, knowing myself always keeps me going. I am definitely the type of person that really thrives when I am stressed, with insane to-do lists, piles of work on my desk and sleepless nights. I am happiest when I am pursuing my creativity and mot fulfilled on the journey through a project. So I always bite of more than I can chew, and then chew the shit out it because the chewing really is the bets part. 
oversized denim jacket

Dress: Mango, Jacket: Zara, Bag: Nastygal (& some DIY)

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